Motor/Pump Bearing Bush

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We are one of the leading Submersible Pump/Motor Spares Manufacturer & Exporter in India, with wide experience of more than 25 years. Specialized in Thrust Bearing sets & Motor/Pump Bearing Bush.

Motor Bearing Bush is one important part of the Submersible Pump Set, so the material and accuracy should be perfect for better performance of Submersible Pump Set. TRISHUL Motor & Pump Bush are manufactured from tested material and machined with better accuracy. The ideal material for Motor/Pump Bearing Bush is LTB-4, Which gives better lubrication and sustain wear & Tear.

TRISHUL now introduces Motor/Pump Bearing Bush in new material called CARBOTEFF, to overcome the unstoppable rise in rates of LTB-4 Material and give better lubrication, sustain wear & tear, light weight, economical etc.

We provide two option to the customer to choose (1) LTB-4 (Lead-Bronze) Bush (2) CARBOTEFF
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